Vahana Megaball / Midiball Instructions

Please read carefully before use of the ball to fully enjoy the Vahanan Megaball/Midiball safely and preserving the life of the ball.


Precautions and instructions for use

The Megaball and Midiball are designed and manufactured specifically for use with horses. 

They can also be used for your sport, fitness, gymnastics and rehabilitation.

The Megaball and Midiball can support weights up to 500 kg. 

note: The Megaball and Midiball are not toys. The balls are not suitable for children under 36 months of age as they contain small parts and there is a risk of choking.


Package content

1 balloon, 2 white caps and 1 valve. 



Vahana Megaball – inflate to 105 cm diameter
Use a compressor

Vahana Midiball – inflate to 65 cm diameter
Use a bicycle pump or compressor

Do not inflate by mouth. 


First use

  1. Inflate the ball to 90% of the indicated diameter for your ball 
  2. Close the hole with one of the white caps included in the package (the second cap is a reserve) 
  3. Wait 24 hours before inflating to its maximum diameter and using it. 


Care and storage

Remove stains with warm water and soap.

Store at room temperature (18-20°C), on a smooth surface and not store in direct sunlight. 

Vahana offers ball storage nets for optimum and surface free storage. 



Vahana Megaballs and Midiballs should be used on surfaces that are not sharp or pointed. 


Limits of liability 

Vahana sas declines any liability for damages to persons, animals or objects or to the environment arising from the a non-consistent use or maintenance to the precautions and directions indicated in this leaflet accompanying the product.